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Timothy Yeo

Design leadership for introverts

Timothy Yeo Head of Design Prospa

Do you squirm in your seat when all eyes are on you? Do you find networking awkward and embarrassing? In meetings, do you find yourself keeping quiet even though you have something to say? Does a quiet evening at home with a book sound more attractive to you than an evening socialising with people you’ve never met?

If your answer to most of these questions is yes, congratulations: you are (probably) an introvert.

Introversion is not a choice; I believe it is something you are born with. However, it should not limit you, especially your ability to lead. Yet, as an introvert, you lose energy when engaging with people rather than gain. People engagement is not optional if you want to lead. So how do you lead as an introvert?

In this talk, I share techniques I’ve used to manage my own introversion in order to perform my role as a design leader.

Timothy Yeo

Design leader, empathetic storyteller, facilitator from problem to solution, open collaborator, builder of design teams. 15 years in UX & Design.

Timothy helps achieve business outcomes by aligning influencers, bringing to life the customer's story, making sure we’re designing the right thing before we design things right.

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For those leading design.

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