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Rita Kozlov

On the Cutting Edge: a Glimpse into the Future of Web Performance

Rita Kozlov Product Manager, Workers Cloudflare

Cloudflare Workers enables deploying a serverless application instantly, from a developer's computer to the edge - as close as possible (tens of milliseconds!) to every internet user around the world.

This is made possible by running V8 isolates - the same engines powering Chrome, on Cloudflare's global CDN network, spanning 194+ data centers around the world. For end users this means blazing fast, always available applications due to the reduced latency of requests traveling around the globe, and no cold starts, due to the lightweight nature of isolates, as compared to containers. For developers this means more time spent writing code, and building features, rather than scaling and optimizing cloud configurations.

This talk will cover the landscape of what platforms offer at the edge today, and how edge-based serverless is changing the web stack: from incremental dynamism at the edge, to the evolution of JAMstack on the edge and beyond!

Rita Kozlov

Rita Kozlov is a product manager at Cloudflare, leading the developer experience for Cloudflare Workers, Cloudflare's serverless platform on the edge.

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All about front end performance

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