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Ben Wirtz

How entrepreneurial is your product team?

Ben Wirtz Chief Product Officer Aurelius

6 years ago, Benjamin F. Wirtz shut down his startup and became a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian. 4 years ago he wrote a blog post about the transition from founder to PM. He has upskilled over 1,000 product people since, but still gets emails about that blog post.

As the world economy is facing possibly the biggest recession in modern history, it's the entrepreneurial people who will propel organisations to excel in the new world – if organisations dare to hire them. WhatsApp's co-founder Brian Acton was famously rejected by Facebook, which bought his company 5 years later for $16bn as it was slowly disrupting Facebook.

Where are organisations going wrong when they reject entrepreneurial people, and how can entrepreneurs increase their 'product/market fit' with larger organisations? This talk will help both sides turn a lose-lose into a win-win.

Ben Wirtz

Benjamin F. Wirtz is a seasoned Product Management leader and entrepreneur with a career spanning over a decade and across Europe, Silicon Valley and Australia. In 2020, he co-founded Aurelius and currently acts as Chief Product & Technology Officer.

Aurelius helps people take positive steps every day in order to empower them to become a better version of themselves by connecting them to an ecosystem of recognition and support.

Previously, Benjamin has delivered growth for over 50 organisations – global organisations like Atlassian and Google, scaleups like Mad Paws and Class, and various startups, including 3 of his own. He has up-skilled more than 1,000 product people as product management instructor, coach and mentor. As Chief Product Officer at BlueChilli, he helped to scale the organisation to grow into an international while leading a cross-functional team of Product Managers, Designers and Engineers. BlueChilli founders have created 140 companies, raised over $160M and create 1,000 jobs. During his time at Atlassian, he championed the expansion to business teams and took Jira Core from inception to launch.

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