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Kate Linton

Design Patterns for building Trust

Kate Linton Head of Design ThoughtWorks Australia

Trust in banks is at an all time low in Australia. Following the Banking Royal Commission and the introduction of Consumer Data Rights (CDR), there is a critical focus within our financial institutions to re-establish trust with customers and introduce greater controls for users over their data and flexibility over their accounts and service providers.

ThoughtWorks, through our work with the banks and Government, are drawing upon customer friendly and repeatable Design Patterns for Banks, Financial Services and Corporates to enable a consistent approach to Open Banking and CDR, enabling these organisations to offer customers a far better experience that will slowly build back trust.

In this talk, we will share these design patterns and the insights learned through prototyping and testing with customers and merchants. These designs are based on principles that are relevant to all customer interactions. Learn about how these methods and patterns can be applied to give customers control in their online transactions and greater confidence over their financial decisions.

Kate Linton

Kate is a digital designer with over 30 years of industry experience. She is the Head of Design at ThoughtWorks Australia, a global software consultancy. Kate leads ThoughtWorks Australia’s Experience Design team, and is involved in mentoring and coaching design and product delivery teams in continuous design practices. She is also passionate about ethical and accessible design and mentors teams on adherence to inclusive design practices.

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