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Mat Travers & Matt Kelcey

Machine Learning for Product Managers

Mat Travers & Matt Kelcey Principal, Machine learning Product Principal ThoughtWorks

Machine learning offers huge potential across digital products but it continues to come with so much hype that it leaves us with more questions than answers. What new thing can we build we couldn't before? How do we introduce intelligence into existing products? How much data do we really need?

In this talk Mat and Matt given an overview of practical concerns in building machine learning powered products through a set of standard product management lenses including customer value, commercial viability, technical feasibility and end usability.

They step back and consider the strategic implications of Machine Learning and the potential to build sustainable competitive advantage, before diving into the practicalities of establishing ML product teams.

Mat Travers & Matt Kelcey

Mat Kelcey is an applied machine learning research engineer with extensive experience working for some of the key industry players. He has worked on a range of machine learning systems across domains such as information extraction, knowledge base completion, deep reinforcement learning for robotics and search ranking. During his 20 years as a software engineer he has gathered broad experience covering everything from front end development to building the infrastructure to support petabyte scale low latency / high availability systems.

Matt is an internationally-experienced product leader with more than 20 years in digital businesses at start-up, growth and enterprise stages. He's built products with millions of daily users which generate hundreds of millions in annual revenue. His machine-learning product experience includes recommenders and sentiment analysis. Matt has led large product organisations spanning product, UX, marketing, SEO and analytics. He’s now responsible for the Product Innovation practice at ThoughtWorks.

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