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Meg Blake

Designing responsibility during rapid technological change.

Meg Blake Product and Design Consultant ThoughtWorks

It’s no wonder we are starting to see a rising public backlash toward tech companies, or ‘techlash’, that is defining the state of the tech world in 2020. We are seeing data breaches, unfair working conditions, social polarisation, bullying and harassment on social media becoming the norm. Technology has even become a threat to global democracy.

It’s clear that there is an urgent need for designers to evolve our design practice in the face of these seismic technology shifts. So what can we do better?

This talk will give you three strategies to help you create better and safer products that take everyone into consideration and allow you to take more responsibility in creating technology that reflects our human values and intentions.

Meg Blake

As a product and experience consultant, Meg helps organisations to use customer insight, rapid experimentation and an agile methodology to deliver custom software solutions.

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