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Raymond Dellar

With Great Addiction, Comes Great Responsibility

Raymond Dellar Iteration Manager, Delivery Lead, and Agile Coach DiUS

When 0.4% of all users of Candy Crush generate more than 50% of the game's revenues, when attention translates directly into revenue, where a small number of super-users of platforms generate most of the content on those platforms, the line between "habit" and "addiction" has become well and truly blurred. Games, apps and online services are explicitly designed to trigger the same kinds responses as addictive substances and behaviours.

In this presentation Raymond Dellar will dissect how these addiction loops are built into products and the psychology behind why it works. He'll conclude by considering how we can use these lessons to help and improve our customer's lives, instead of draining them.

Raymond Dellar

We will aim to look at how various products and businesses build addiction loops into their products, and why we fall for them.

Then finally reviewing how we could use these lessons to help and improve our customers lives, instead of draining them.

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