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Tom Alterman

Moving fast and NOT break things: Experimenting in zero failure environments

Tom Alterman VP of Product & Design StructionSite

Building new products is incredibly hard, especially if you want to do so quickly with few resources. All the great lean approaches developed over the past few years rely on fast experimentation and learning from failures.

This is great in consumer products but how can we do this in Enterprise SaaS where we’re often working on mission critical solutions that can never be allowed to fail? What if you’re building tools for industries where people’s lives are at risk if your product doesn’t work correctly the first time?

This was the exact challenge we faced at PlanGrid when looking to launch a brand new product for managing construction projects. Come hear how we got a very small cross-functional team to explore, build and start earning multi-million dollars in revenue in a matter of months.

Tom Alterman

Tom is passionate about using technology to solve the hard problems in the world for the people who need it most. He's currently helping to digitize the Construction industry.

He's spent the last 10 years leading teams to design and build great products with strong customer empathy, lean development processes and clear business impact.

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