Anne Galloway – A 21st Century Bestiary

Web Directions South 2011, Sydney, October 13th.

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Anne’s speaker notes are also available at Slideshare.

Session description

When we think about what the Web is, and what it can be, we tend to focus on interactions between people and computers, or between people and other computationally-enabled things. But what happens when these “things” are animals?

In this talk, Anne will discuss the role that animals have played in shaping the Web so far, how the Web is enabling new ways of interacting with animals, and what we might expect from a future of human-animal-computer interaction.

Covering everything from online farms and product traceability to animals that tweet and epizoic media, this talk will demonstrate that the Internet isn’t just made of cats, but also cows and birds and sheep and cockroaches and…

About Anne Galloway

Photo of Anne GallowayDr Anne Galloway is Deputy Head, School of Architecture and Senior Lecturer, School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington. Anne is fascinated by the role of new technologies in everyday life, and tries to find ways for the social sciences and design to work together to better understand material, visual and discursive culture. As Principal Investigator at Design Culture Lab (www. design she works with farmers, industry and government to imagine possible technological and social futures for the production and consumption of “ethical” merino products.

Follow Anne on Twitter: @annegalloway

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