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Cheryl Lead and Ben Buchanan – Moving your organisation to web standards

A presentation given at Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 29 2006.

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Session description

This was one of our most loved sessions last year, so much so that we decided to do it again this year, with some new faces, some new experiences. With speakers from both government/education as well as the private sector, get advice from those who’ve already been there on dealing with recalcitrant management, teams members and agencies, building by stealth and making incremental change.

About Cheryl Lead and Ben Buchanan

Cheryl Lead

Cheryl Lead PortraitCheryl Lead is the Online Manager at Virgin Money and was responsible for driving the design and development of the redesigned Virgin Credit Card site and the recently launched Virgin Home Loan website. She is a strong champion of accessibility, usability and web standards. Her key drivers were to ensure that they are optimally accessible to the largest client base, and clearly and simply designed to encourage people to navigate through complex product documentation to gather information and apply online, as well as reflecting the Virgin brand values and sense of fun.

Ben Buchanan

Ben Buchanan PortraitBen Buchanan started creating web pages ten years ago while completing a degree in everything but I.T. He started working as a web developer in 1999 and was the Web Standards Developer at Griffith University for six years (2000-2006). He worked with a wide range of clients within the University and was involved with the development of three generations of the Griffith website.

Ben Buchanan is known as a passionate web standards and accessibility advocate through his work, public speaking and writing at the 200ok weblog. He now works as a Frontend Developer for News Interactive.

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[Web Directions] is a delicious mix of things educational, social and mind-blowing. It’s time out from the hurly-burly to step back, get some perspective, and develop new ways forward, fortified with a whole lot of new stuff in your head.

Chris Stephens Technology Director, Mozo

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