Craig Mod – How digital affects books and publishing

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 14 10.45am.

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We need to decouple the idea of ‘book’ from the mental image we carry around of ‘book.’ The innovation and benefit that digital brings to books and publishing lies less in how digital affects final artifacts, and more in how digital affects the systems leading up to and extending beyond those artifacts.

About Craig Mod

Craig Mod PortraitCraig Mod is a writer, designer, publisher and developer concerned with the future of publishing & storytelling.

In 2010 he founded publishing think tank PRE/POST. He is co-author, designer and publisher of Art Space Tokyo. He is also co-founding editor and engineer behind, co-founder and developer of the storytelling project Hitotoki, and frequent collaborator with Information Architects, Japan. He’s lived in Tokyo for almost a decade and speaks frequently on the future of books and media. He is the worst speller you will ever meet.

Follow Craig on Twitter: @craigmod

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