Daniel Burka – Designing the first fifteen minutes

Web Directions @media 2011, London, May 27th 1:40pm.

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That user who just signed up is about to bail. And a thousand other people just stopped in but didn’t even bother to register. Your product is great, but your users don’t stay long enough to find that out. The first fifteen minutes of your product are the most important and they’re so often squandered. But! We’re starting to figure out what works and what does not. There’s no longer any excuse to give your visitors a poor initial experience. Learn how great user interfaces entice people right out of the gate, then help newcomers get people over the threshold. Then! Great interfaces delightfully provide new users to learn complex systems and become engaged, passionate contributors. Onwards and upwards, friends.

About Daniel Burka

Photo of Daniel BurkaDaniel is a user interface designer based in San Francisco by way of Canada. He was the creative director at Digg for several years, he was a co-​​founder of a startup called Pownce, he continues as an inactive partner at the design firm silverorange, and he’s designing the UI for a game called Glitch. Daniel is passionate about designing web apps with vibrant communities. Lately, he’s especially interested in using game design techniques to engage users, especially as they learn new and complex systems.

Follow Daniel on Twitter: @dburka

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