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Doug Schepers – W3C and web standards big picture

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 8 10.45am.

Session description

Doug will talk about the technologies currently under development at W3C which we are likely to see in browsers now or in the near future, and will have demos of as many of them as possible. Some of these demos will be HTML5 demos, but also technologies from the WebApps WG, Device API and Policies WG, CSS, SVG, geolocation, etc. He will clear the air about HTML vs. XHTML, and why they are not as far apart as people think.

He will also describe specs and areas that people might not know about at W3C, such as some of the SemWeb stuff (and the various industries interested in that), the voice browsers, the eGov activity, and other areas.

He will also discuss W3C’s structure, goals, how it works, and how people can get involved, and touch on the role of Web education in designing standards. He will describe (briefly) the standards track, and the tools which are used. Finally, He will talk about future directions for the Web and standards.

About Doug Schepers

Doug Schepers PortraitDoug Schepers works for the W3C as the Rich Web Clients Activity Lead, and the Team Contact for the SVG and WebApps Working Groups, and participates in several other groups, including HTML and OWEA. He is an editor of the Element Traversal, DOM3 Events, and SVG specifications, and co-chairs the SVG Interest Group. Before joining the W3C Team, he has been a long-time developer of Web applications, with a focus on SVG. Doug works from home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

Follow Doug on Twitter: @shepazu

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