HTML5, device APIs and PhoneGap – Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson HTML5, device APIs and PhoneGap. See below for full session description and more resources.

Got a taste for it? Be there for the dev track at Web Directions South 2012.

This presentation was recorded at Web Directions Code in Melbourne on May 24 2012.

Session description

Where once web pages were sand­boxed, with little if any access to the underlying device capabilities, increasingly, this is no longer the case.
From the first steps of geolocation, which enables any web site or application to ask the browser for a user’s location, an increasing range of device features are being exposed in the DOM: the file system, camera, gyrosopes, address book, com­passes and more.
In this session, Dave Johnson, originator of the phoneGap project delves into HTML5 and related device APIs, enabling us to build richer, more sophisticated applications in the browser.

About Dave Johnson

Dave is a co-founder of Nitobi. He holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC) and a PhD in Solid State Physics from London’s Imperial College which both have pretty much nothing to do with mobile phones or software development. Dave spends most of his time working on and talking about the PhoneGap project.

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