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Hurol Inan – Informing experience architecture with quantitative insights

Web Directions South 2008, Sydney Convention Centre, September 25 1.40pm.

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Session description

Quantitative insights gathered through online analytics can contribute greatly to the design and optimisation of online experience architectures.

Analytical techniques can be used to understand

  • Who is really using the site
  • What they are using it for
  • How well the site responds
  • What needs changing to enhance the experience

These insights not only provide you with behavioural profiles of users for consideration throughout the design process but also can help you make important decisions on content classification, labelling, page layout and interaction design.

During the design process, you don’t need to rule out all design options to reach a single solution. Through multivariate testing (MVT), it is possible to test various options real time (and with real users) to find the optimal solution.

The success of an Experience Architect depends on the business impact of their architecture. Quantitative techniques can be used in benchmarking before and after performances of a website demonstrating the impact of the new architecture.

About Hurol Inan

Portrait of Hurol InanHurol Inan is a sought-after consultant, speaker and author. He is widely recognised as a global authority on online analytics and research, and has authored two books on the subject – Measuring the Success of Your Website (2002) and Search Analytics (2006). Hurol has also written numerous articles for print and online publications.

Hurol is the Managing Director of Bienalto Consulting, a specialist consultancy based in Sydney that enables its clients to realise the full potential of online marketing and website performance. Bienalto provides web analytics, customer experience architecture and online marketing services to some of Australia’s leading businesses. Prior to founding Bienalto, Hurol consulted with Accenture and Deloitte for 11 years.

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