James Bridle – Wrangling Time: The Form and Future of the Book

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 15 1.4pm.

Presentation slides

Session description

The internet has been around long enough now that it has a proper history, and it has started to produce media and artefacts that live in and comment on that history. James will be talking about his work with writing, books and wikipedia that hopes to explain and illuminate this temporal depth.

About James Bridle

James Bridle PortraitJames Bridle is a publisher, writer and artist based in London, UK. He founded the print-on-demand classics press Bookkake and the e-book-only imprint Artists’ eBooks, and created Bkkeepr, a tool for tracking reading and sharing bookmarks, and Quietube, an accidental anti-censorship proxy for the Middle East. He makes things with words, books and the internet, and writes about what he does at booktwo.org.

Follow James on Twitter: @stml

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