Jeremy Keith – Explaining Ajax

A presentation given at Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 28 2006.

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Apart from being the buzzword de jour, what is this Ajax stuff that everyone is talking about? Take a look at some implementations out there and start thinking about how Ajax can add value to your site.

About Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith PortraitJeremy Keith is a web developer with the web consultancy firm Clearleft in Brighton, England where he enjoys building accessible, elegant websites using the troika of web standards: XHTML, CSS and the DOM. His online home is

Jeremy is a member of the Web Standards Project where he serves as joint leader of the DOM Scripting Task Force. He wrote the book DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model.

When he’s not building websites, Jeremy plays bouzouki in the band Salter Cane. He is also the creator and curator of one of the Web’s largest online communities dedicated to Irish traditional music, The Session.

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  1. […] Jeremy Keith did a nice job at Web Directions South in his talk entitled “Explaining Ajax” of gently introducing those unfamiliar, and familiar alike to Ajax and the concepts that make it tick. His presentation walks through the history and evolution of Ajax, and concludes with a fun game of identifying Ajax at work (the audience was surprisingly wrong on a few occasions). The presentation podcast and slides are free to download. […]