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Jina Bolton – Creating sexy stylesheets

Web Directions South 2008, Sydney Convention Centre, September 26 10.45am.

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Being a CSS expert is about more than just memorizing selectors. It’s also about working to improve the maintainability and efficiency of your style sheets, planning for the future, and mastering your workflow. This session will look at pushing the limits of CSS to create stunning interfaces using clean, meaningful markup. We’ll also look at CSS 3 and at what the future of Web design could look like when CSS 3 finally becomes mainstream.

About Jina Bolton

Portrait of Jina BoltonJina Bolton is a designer and artist, working and residing in Silicon Valley. She is excited to be involved with the CSS Eleven, and has spoken at conferences in North America and the UK.

Jina is a co-author of The Art & Science of CSS, and has also written articles for publications including SitePoint, .net Magazine, and Vitamin (of which she is an advisor). Jina has consulted for various agencies and organizations including the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and Mass.Gov.

She holds a BFA in Computer Arts and Graphic Design from Memphis College of Art. Jina enjoys traveling, is learning Italian, and considers herself a sushi enthusiast.

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