John Allsopp and Dan Cederholm – Microformats: More than Just Promise

A presentation given at at Web Directions North, Vancouver, February 7, 2007.

This session was originally meant to feature Tantek Çelik as well, but due to a last-minute change instead featured just John Allsopp and Dan Cederholm

Session description

Microformats are much more than just a promising technology or passing fad — hear these three experts cover the whys and the hows of designing and developing with microformats.

Hear microformats founder and custodian Tantek Çelik paint on the broad canvas, talking about motivations, use cases, examples, and benefits. John Allsopp, author of the forthcoming friends of Ed microformats book will cover a number of practical examples of quickly and cleanly adding microformats to existing code. Renowned designer and developer Dan Cederholm will look at how microformats provide excellent scaffolding for styling with CSS.

This session will really get you up to speed with this exciting, quickly spreading technology.

About John Allsopp

John Allsopp is a founder of Westciv, an Australian web software development and training company, which provides some of the best CSS resources and tutorials on the web. Westciv’s software and training are used in dozens of countries around the World.

The head developer of the leading cross platform CSS editor, Style Master, John has written on web development issues for numerous web and print publications and was one of the earliest members of the Web Standards Project.

About Dan Cederholm

Dan Cederholm is a web designer and author living in Massachusetts, USA. He’s the founder of SimpleBits, a tiny design studio.

A recognized expert in the field of standards-based web design, Dan has worked with Google, MTV, ESPN, Fast Company, Blogger, Odeo, and others. He embraces flexible, adaptable design using web standards.

Dan is the author of two best-selling books: Bulletproof Web Design (New Riders) and Web Standards Solutions (Friends of ED). Dan also runs the popular weblog SimpleBits, where he writes articles and commentary on the web, technology and life. He also plays a mean ukulele.

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