Mark Nottingham – Browser Caching and You (A Love Story)

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 15 1.40pm.

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Over time, Web developers have feared, hated and loved Web caching, at times trying to kill it, at others professing undying love. Mark Nottingham (chair of the IETF HTTPbis Working Group and author of its revised Web Caching specification) will examine how browsers (mis)-treat your content today, as well as where your relationship with browser caching might go in the future.

About Mark Nottingham

Mark Nottingham PortraitMark Nottingham is a Principal Technical Yahoo!, putting together Web-based infrastructure for sites like Yahoo! Finance, Sports, Tech, TV and Movies.

He has spent the last fifteen years designing, debugging, serving and caching Web content, with past stints at Merrill Lynch, Akamai and BEA Systems, along with scars from writing specifications like the Atom Syndication Format, WS-Policy and the WS-I Basic Profile, and chairing both IETF and W3C Working Groups.

Right now, his focus is on using HTTP for what the rest of the industry calls Web Services.

Past occupations have included being a photojournalist, Volkswagen mechanic, graphic designer, Webmaster, developer, systems administrator, research scientist, standards expert and all-around Web technology guy.

He’s married to Anitra, with two sons, Charlie and Bennet. They currently live in Melbourne, Australia.

Follow Mark on Twitter: @mnot

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