Mark Stanton – Best practices for speeding up your site

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 8 10.45am.

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As we pack our pages with AJAX and RIA goodness we often lose sight of the fact that the key to exceptional user experience is the responsiveness of your site. Inspired by the excellent work by Yahoo!’s Exceptional Performance team, this talk will have something that every site can benefit from. You will learn how to analyse what your end users are experiencing and how to reduce your load times by 25-50% using a range of simple techniques.

About Mark Stanton

Mark Stanton PortraitMark Stanton is a specialist in internet systems design and development. He has a passion for many aspects of the web from usability & information architecture, to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, through to software design & development and languages such as ColdFusion, Java, ASP, PHP, Ruby and Python. Mark is highly regarded within the online community and regularly provides support, consultation and presentations to other web geeks. He is a founding member of the Web Standards Group which aims to promote best practices to web designers and developers through a range of educational forums and activities. At Gruden, Mark’s role is to further the technical capabilities of the company while ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach to development and helping clients maximise the effectiveness of their online projects.

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