Nick Bolton – The evolution and commercialisation of online video

Web Directions South 2008, Sydney Convention Centre, September 25 2.40pm.

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Internet video has come a long way from the postage stamp generic media player to the commercial success it is today.

This session looks at this journey, and examines the multitude of online video options available. We will look at content creation (simple single piece, to multi-platform, and user generated), distribution methods and publishing strategies.

Then once the video is published, how do you justify it (the ROI), commercialise it (leverage the content) and monetise it through syndication, advertising, sponsorship, or pay-per-view/subscription. There will be real time demos and case studies.

About Nick Bolton

Nick Bolton PortraitSince Nick ran his first live webcast in 2000, he has managed several hundred webcast productions for most of the top corporates, publishers and broadcasters in Australia. Key highlights include Australia’s first live medical operation on the web, the Australia 2020 Summit and World Youth Day.

Nick regularly speaks at conferences here and overseas on online video creation and distribution, and is also an avid short film maker, actor and theatre producer.

Nick is on the NSW committee of AIMIA – the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

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