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Oliver Weidlich – The mobile web user experience – we’re starting to get it right!

A presentation given at at Web Directions User Experience, Melbourne Town Hall, May 16 2008.

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Session description

Historically the mobile web has been a terrible experience, but things are starting to change. Really! We are now at the point that the mobile web is becoming easier to access, both on-deck & off-deck, there’s useful & tailored services out there, and killing some time on the train home doesn’t cost more than your weekly train ticket. We’ll check out the latest and greatest in the world of mobile web and what makes them different from the others. We will also cover the important things to keep in mind for making a better mobile web customer experience.

About Oliver Weidlich

Oliver Weidlich PortraitOliver draws on a background in psychology, experience in usability and understanding of mobile technology to identify key issues for client business strategy, and customers, and to recommend & design solutions through his consultancy Ideal Interfaces. He has consulted to clients such as Hutchison, Optus, Telstra, ninemsn, Orange, Holden, and Motorola.

He has a wide range of experience evaluating and improving the end-to-end customer experience with mobile devices, including 2G, 2.5G and 3G devices, portals, applications and content. He has conducted field research into future mobile usage and the interaction between the mobile device and other technologies.

Ideal Interfaces is a founding member of the AIMIA Mobile Content Industry Development Group and Oliver is playing a key role in the design and project management of the Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index which looks at mobile content usage in the local market.

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