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Panel – Choosing the right web application framework

Web Directions South 2008, Sydney Convention Centre, September 26 10.45am.

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The new era of web applications has introduced to us a number of frameworks designed to aid in rapid development. But, no matter what your preferred language, finding a suitable framework is not usually an easy task.

In this intensive 2 hour session you’ll hear from several developers who’ll discuss which frameworks they chose, why they love them; why they hate them, and gain valuable insights to help you choose the right tools for your job. We will focus primarily on Rails (Ruby), Joomla! (PHP), Struts/Spring (Java) and Django (Python).

Expect to hear discussion ranging from framework features & tools, development speed, source management, bug tracking, collaboration, interoperability, performance, scalability and deployment, as well as recommendations on how to hit the ground running.


  • Lucas Chan
  • Don Brown
  • Tim Lucas
  • Andrew Ediie
  • Malcolm Tredinnick

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