Removing the gag from your browser – Jared Wyles

Jared Wyles shows us how to improve JavaScript performance by listening to our browser. See below for full session description.

Got a taste for it? Be there for the dev track at Web Directions South 2012.

This presentation was recorded at Web Directions Code in Melbourne on May 24 2012.

Session description

Before we fork out for expensive performance monitoring tools, what if we took the time to listen to what our browser was trying to tell us? We can discover a whole range of features you may have ignored. Discover how to debug network latency issues, memory leaks and other performance fun in our browsers. With web applications becoming more like desktop apps, remaining open for days at a time. Now is the time to listen to your browsers pain and walk away with a new toolkit of performance best practices.

About Jared Wyles

Jared is a senior software engineer having recently taken over reigns of the frontend at big commerce. He has done a stint with Atlassian and digital agencies working with the web for the past 5 years. When not working, he can usually be found drinking somewhere ranting about the current state of web applications or web standards to whoever will listen, and in front of whatever conference will have his rants on the importance of performance.

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