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Remy Sharp – Browsers with wings: HTML5 APIs

Web Directions @media 2010, Southbank Centre London, June 11 1.40pm.

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HTML5 is all the rage with the cool kids, and although there’s a lot of focus on the new language, there’s plenty for web app developers with new JavaScript APIs both in the HTML5 spec and separated out as their own W3C specifications. This session will take you through demos and code and show off some of the outright crazy bleeding edge demos that are being produced today using the new JavaScript APIs. But it’s not all pie in the sky – plenty is useful today, some even in Internet Explorer!

Specifically we’ll be looking at scripting the video media element, 2D canvas and some of the mashups we can achieve. How to take our web apps completely offline, going beyond the cookie and HTML5’s answer to threading: web workers.

About Remy Sharp

Remy Sharp PortraitRemy Sharp is a developer, speaker, blogger, author of upcoming jQuery for Designers (Manning) and co-author of Introduction to HTML5 (New Riders). He also organises the Full Frontal JavaScript Conference and is one of the curators of HTML5 Doctor.

jQuery team member (developer relations, formally evangelism) and the developer on a fistful of JavaScript related apps, Remy loves his JavaScript and he is keen as mustard to share it with other developers.

Follow Remy on Twitter: @rem

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