Renato Iannella – Opening up social networks

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 9 2.40pm.

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Social Networks have been a world-wide phenomenon and their proliferation poses a pressing interoperability and usability challenge to both web users and service providers. Web users have different social networks accounts and utilise them in different ways depending on the context. For example, more friendly chat on FaceBook, more professional on LinkedIn, and a bit daring interaction on Hi5. Maintaining these multiple online profiles is cumbersome and time consuming and locks in the web user to a service provider. Also, sharing information and user-generated content is particularly challenging due to the obscure nature of privacy and rights management on social networks and the lack of awareness and transparency of such policies.

The W3C Social Web Incubator Group (XG) has been investigating these challenges with the purpose to define a number of new standards that can address the needs of the social web users and balance the needs from the servicer providers. This talk will look at the social profile portability needs and the policy (privacy and rights) directions needed to break down the “walled gardens” of social networks.

About Renato Iannella

Renato Iannella PortraitRenato is a Principal Scientist at the National ICT Australia (NICTA) research laboratory where he leads the Social and Professional Interoperable Networks (SPIN) research activity. His research covers technologies and standards in distributed information modeling and architectures, rights management, and policy-oriented web infrastructures. Renato has extensive experience standards for Internet, Web, and Mobile technologies and was a former member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Advisory Board.

Renato also is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong and was previously the Chief Scientist at LiveEvents Wireless, IPR Systems and Principal Research Scientist at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC).

Follow Renato on Twitter: @riannella

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