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Ruth Ellison – Integrating accessibility into design

Web Directions South 2008, Sydney Convention Centre, September 26 2.40pm.

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When developing websites or web applications, we often follow the principles of web standards, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and other accessibility guidelines. But is this enough? In this session, Ruth will look at how we can develop accessible web products by taking a holistic approach to web accessibility. She will look at different ways of incorporating accessibility into the design process to produce accessible and useful user experiences. This presentation will focus on the user experience design process by drawing on examples and learnings from Ruth’s work in Government.

About Ruth Ellison

Portrait of Ruth EllisonRuth Ellison is an interaction designer and user experience practitioner. She is extremely passionate about creating accessible and useful user experiences.

Ruth has over six years experience working on a number of accessibility and user-centred design projects across the Government and private sectors. She is currently a senior consultant at Stamford Interactive, a usability and user-centred design consultancy. She takes a holistic approach to her design work, drawing upon her background of accessibility, usability and human-computer interaction.

In her free time, Ruth can be found out and about taking photos, renovating her house and making music.

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