Simon Pascal Klein – Setting standards-friendly web type

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 15 11.45am.

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Web typography has in the past two years seen a resurgence in interest and many would agree only rightly so, with most of the content on the web still textual. However the range of technical options available for setting type on the web is quite broad—not to mention the range of stylistic choices available—and often confusing. This session aims to demystify the current techniques available to set type on the web by comparing and contrasting the various options at hand while offering a set of good defaults and safe advice for not only making it accessible but also pleasurable to read.

About Simon Pascal Klein

Simon Pascal Klein PortraitSimon Pascal Klein is a graphic, web and interface designer, front-end developer, rampant ‘typophile’, UI and accessibility aficionado. Born in Mainz Mainz, Germany — the birthplace of Gutenberg — he now works in Canberra as a freelance designer while studying at the Australian National University. Simon is actively engaged in the Open Source community and local web industry, notably as one of the unorganisers to first bring BarCamp to Canberra. He also co-hosts a podcast on all things web, and publishes occasionally on things type on his site.

Follow Simon on Twitter: @klepas

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