Tatham Oddie – Practicing Web Standards in the Large

Web Directions South 2010, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 15 10.45am.

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Web standards might be second nature to all of us here, but they don’t always fly so easily in the enterprise. Obscure browsers and CIOs watching their bottom line can often leave a passionate development team feeling stifled. In this session we’ll look at how a number of large scale websites successfully adopted new standards and opened their content to more audiences and devices than ever before. We’ll explore techniques for deciding what client technologies to use on your projects, how to drive the adoption of newer techniques and how not to leave your audience behind. We’ll even talk about how to make all of this possible with Internet Explorer in the room.

About Tatham Oddie

Tatham Oddie PortraitTatham Oddie is a technical strategist and roaming consultant. For the third year in a row he is a recipient of the Microsoft-issued “Most Valuable Professional” award, and a regular presenter and participant at conferences and industry groups throughout Australia, New Zealand and North America. His business experience includes the launch of a successful creative agency, a fashion retail and PR business, and is now focussed on the development of Tixi – a niche ticketing agency.

Follow Tatham on Twitter: @tathamoddie

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