Teale Shapcott – From ordered to managed usability in an Agile environment

Web Directions South 2008, Sydney Convention Centre, September 25 11.45am.

Session description

Usability practice closely resembles the traditional software development approach in its formality and insistence on up-front analysis and design. Usability and design is an iterative process, but not agile. So how can design and usability be effectively embedded into an agile development environment? In this presentation, the tension between agile development and usability is examined and how Suncorp design and development teams overcame the challenges to bridge the gulf between these approaches.

About Teale Shapcott

Portrait of Teale ShapcottTeale commenced her career in web development and graphic design in 1998. She is currently working within Suncorp’s Business Technology division as a Designer for internal web applications specialising in web standards, usability, accessibility, xHTML and CSS. Her primary focus in her current role is embedding usability practice into agile web development within Suncorp.

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