Brian Oberkirch – “Plays Well With Others”: Simple Things to Make the Social Parts of your Service More Social

A presentation given at Web Directions North, Vancouver Canada, January 30 2008.

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Not only are most Web applications going to have (or utilize) social components — they’re also going to have start sharing social information like profiles, contact lists and such with other services. The ’social network fatigue’ users feel and the inefficiencies of keeping this information in multiple spots will drive us to play better with other social apps. This session will focus on using simple building blocks and emerging design patterns to keep it simple for users, for you and for the open social Web at large.

About Brian Oberkirch

Brian Oberkirch Portrait

Brian is a marketing consultant focused on social media and product/service development. He does social media consulting and projects for companies and marketing agencies of all sizes, helping them use these new tools to have better conversations with those who matter to their business.

In his past lives, Brian was a marketing consultant and writer for hire, managed national brand accounts at large and small advertising and PR shops, started a social media consultancy called Weblogs Work and helped build a suite of applications for those clients, taught literature and creative writing, wrote newspaper articles, did the morning news at a radio station, and many other things.

Brian writes frequently on these and related issues at ‘like it matters‘.

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