Josh Williams – Bedroom to Boardroom

A presentation given at Web Directions North, Vancouver Canada, January 30 2008.

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Session description

What happens when a designer decides to quit his day job, hang his shingle, and wakes up seven years later nowhere remotely close to where he imagined he would be? This frank, semi-informal discussion on the pros, cons, and potential progressions of a designer’s career
will explore the following:

  • Niching your design services
  • Crafting a salable product
  • The Web Designer of Tomorrow

About Josh Williams

Josh Williams Portrait

A serial designer-entrepreneur, Josh Williams is the founder and CEO of several well known web related companies and communities including Firewheel Design, Blinksale, and IconBuffet. He is an authority on visual design techniques for rich web applications and an expert iconographer. Recently Josh has served as the design director for Project Agape (Causes on Facebook) and currently he in the process of launching another secretive iconic web company.

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