Write JavaScript like it’s 2012 – Tony Milne

Tony Milne on some JavaScript best practices. See below for full session description and more resources.

Got a taste for it? Be there for the dev track at Web Directions South 2012.

This presentation was recorded at Web Directions Code in Melbourne on May 24 2012.

Session description

This 15 minute party may or may not include: when and how to load and run JavaScript on page load; JavaScript coding conventions you should adopt; a look at writing callback oriented JavaScript and some JavaScript performance tips for fun and profit.

Resources referred to in this presentation

About Tony Milne

Tony is a co-founder of Inlight Media, a leading Melbourne web and mobile development company who specialise in Node.js backed iOS/web projects. When Tony fills in his census survey answers, JavaScript is his native language. Tony helps organise and regularly attends MelbJS (a Melbourne JavaScript group) and the Melbourne Node.js meetup, so you can come along, hang out and drink a beer with him there.

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