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Video Ristretto: Checkout UX – Vitaly Friedman

Web Directions events are full of surprises, including this bonus talk from Respond 17 international keynote Vitaly Friedman.

In half an hour, the Smashing Magazine head honcho explores his own work with an ecommerce client to improve their checkout user experience.

Video of the Week: CSS + SVG: A Designer’s Delight – Sara Soueidan

We’re going back to Respond 16 for our Video of the Week this week, when Sara Soueidan came to visit and delivered an inspiring, eye-opening keynote presentation on what can be done with CSS and SVG working together. It’s an excellent talk, and really needs no more introduction than that.     Want more? Like […]

Respond 17 – Post Conference

A hectic week of Respond 17 – three days in Sydney, three days in Melbourne and one day in Brisbane – has wrapped up, and what an amazing event it was. Our great thanks to all the speakers, including our international visitors who understandably find it onerous to travel all the way here, especially in […]

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Elizabeth Allen

Our next extract from the Respond 17 Scroll magazine sheds some light not only on conference speaker Elizabeth Allen, but also the kind of experience user researchers occasionally run into. Elizabeth Allen Before Elizabeth Allen PhD moved into UX she was an experimental psychologist, whose research focused on explaining why humans can differ so widely […]

Video of the Week: Laziness in the Time of Responsive Design – Ethan Marcotte

Just days away from the start of the 3-city week-long festival of design that is Respond 17 (you’re booked in for Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, right?) seems an opportune moment to review the presentation delivered at Respond just a year ago by Ethan Marcotte. While this engaging and inspiring talk focuses – naturally – on […]

Respond 16: Masterclass – Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane

As is often the case, our next major event – Respond 17 – is not only a two-day conference, but also has a third day devoted to a Masterclass workshop with Vitaly Friedman (in Brisbane, we’ll present only the workshop). Our roster of past Masterclass workshop leaders reads like an album of who’s who in […]

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Vitaly Friedman

Our next extract from the Respond 17 Scroll magazine gives some background to keynote speaker and masterclass workshop leader Vitaly Friedman. As a regular speaker at web conferences, the Smashing Magazine head honcho is obviously a very familiar figure in our industry, but we wanted to find out how he got started and what inspired […]

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Matt Magain

Our Scroll magazine Scroll magazine contains considerably more than just profiles of the Respond 17 speakers. We look for different ways to add perspective, context and – ultimately – value to your conference experience. Sketchnotes are a terrific way of summarising conference presentations, using evocative illustrations to emphasise key points and capture some of the […]

Video Ristretto: CSS Variables – Michael Mifsud

Michael Mifsud is a Performance Engineer at 99designs, a core contributor to LibSass, and the Node-Sass project lead. He started the MelbCSS Meetup and is an organizer of CSSConf AU. All of which amply qualifies him to tell us how CSS Variables won’t kill off Sass, but can lighten your workload. Which is exactly what […]

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Mina Markham

This week’s extract from the Scroll magazine published with our Respond 17 conference focuses on keynote speaker Mina Markham. During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Mina spent most of her time building and refining Pantsuit, the design system that powered many of the applications hosted on hillaryclinton.com. In her Respond 17 talk, Styling Hillary: A […]

Video of the Week: Art directing web design – Andy Clarke

Several recent Videos of the Week focused on new capabilities in style and layout control, and how they open up opportunities for designers to extend their creative vision on the web. Examples include talks by Stephanie Rewis, Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons. Well, this week is no different. At Direction 16, Andy Clarke’s inspiring keynote […]

CSS, HTML, SVG at Respond

Respond started life as a “pop-up” single-day conference in Sydney, addressing the specific challenges associated with web design in the age of multi screens. Initially, the focus was very practical and revolved a lot around CSS – and specific responsive patterns – to do with images, navigation on small screens, accessibility on mobile devices, and so […]

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

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