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Design inspiration: the Shadow App site

This caught my eye a few weeks ago: it’s the site for an iPhone app to help you remember your dreams, called Shadow. Things I like like: the judicious use of the “zooming fade to black” effect on the sepia tone photo to set a lovely dreamy tone right from the start great use of […]

Rahul Sen – Interaction Design Bauhaus

Photo of Rahul SenMy session focuses on what I call — ‘The Interaction Design Bauhaus’. It discusses this growing minimalist, ‘form follows data’ trend in UX and compares it to historical phenomenon that occurred in the early 1900’s in the form of the industrial design Bauhaus movement.

Christopher Giffard – HTML5 Video, Captioning, and Timed Metadata

Photo of Christopher GiffardThe key focuses of this session will be accessibility, searchable media, and enriching existing multimedia experiences with timed data, all with a liberal application of flashy eye-candy. And of course we’re using the freshly minted Timed Text Track specification, soon appearing in a browser near you!

Lea Verou – Mastering CSS3 gradients

Photo of Lea VerouWith most browsers adding increasing support, and the simplicity of providing fallbacks for those that don’t, CSS3 gradients are something we can start to use right now. They benefit our users with faster websites and ourselves with more time in our hands to spend in other things, since they are easy to create, edit and update. A very powerful feature that can also be utilized for a surprising number of design effects, even ones that don’t resemble gradients at all. In this talk, Lea will explore CSS3 gradients in great depth and it’s almost guaranteed that no matter your expertise level, you will walk out having learned new things.

Brian Suda – Visualising Data

Photo of Brian SudaIn this presentation, I’ll walk you through a quick overview of some basic chart and graph design, then look at how easy it is to write some quick scripts in your favourite language to produce beautiful graphics. SVG is an under-​​rated technology, but it can be created programmatically and quickly to visualise data.

Dave Balmer – Rockstar graphics with HTML5

Photo of Dave BalmerIn this session Dave will cover high-​​performance presentation and animation using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and Canvas. Examples will include mobile-​​friendly techniques you can use today for creating game effects and “flashy” user experiences across a range of browsers and devices.

Divya Manian – Creative CSS3

Photo of Divya ManianFind out how to creatively use new features of CSS3 (gradients, multiple backgrounds, generated content, and many more) to give life to your design ideas, make them adaptable and maintainable, and provide the best experience possible on an array of platforms.

Aaron Weyenberg – Realistic UI Design

Photo of Aaron WeyenbergIn this session Aaron will lead you on a tour of current trends and practices, examining the strengths and drawbacks that realism brings. We’ll talk about things like mental models, innovation and usability as they relate to lifelike UI. Finally, Aaron will share some pragmatic guidelines to keep in mind as you build the next wave of mobile and touch apps.

Dave Balmer – HTML5 Graphics: Canvas Deep Dive

Photo of Dave BalmerThe Canvas tag has been around for a while, and HTML5 has given it more visibility. It’s now finding its way into most mobile browsers, and even a majority of desktop browsers. This talk will give a solid overview of what the canvas tag is, what it can do, and how it compares with other technologies like SVG and Flash.

Aarron Walter – Learning to Love Humans: Emotional Interface Design

Aarron Walter PortraitIn this talk, Aarron Walter will introduce you to the emotional usability principle – a design axiom that identifies a strong connection between human emotion and perceived usability. Through real-world examples, you’ll learn practical interface design techniques that will make your websites and applications more engaging to the humans they serve.

Zoe Mickley Gillenwater – Effective and efficient design with CSS3

Zoe Mickley Gillenwater PortraitCSS3 is changing how we design and develop web sites, allowing us to quickly and easily create and maintain highly efficient and adaptable sites that are a pleasure to use. You’ll learn practical yet progressive examples of the most beneficial CSS3 techniques to put to use in your pages today.

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