Hatch Day on hold

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  • May 1, 2007
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Sadly, based on the feedback of many folks, who loved the idea, and wanted to get involved, but who weren’t sure that right now they’d be able to commit the time and effort required to really make a go of Hatch Day, we’ve decided to put that on hold for now.

However, there will be a Webjam on the evening of Saturday the 29th, and with so many people in town, and so much good energy after the conference, the Webjam team are hoping it will be the best one ever.

Where: Bar Broadway, CNR of Regent St and Broadway, Sydney (opposite UTS)
When: 6pm, Saturday 29th September, 6.00pm till late

One of the motivations for the Hatch Day was to get people active in a hands on way, after a week of hearing about what other folks are doing – so it would be great to see as many people as possible show off their stuff at Webjam.

Hack days have been successful around the world, so we do hope to see something of this kind happen in Australia in the not too distant future – in the meantime, get in touch to register via the Webjam site, and start polishing your three minute presentations to wow the crowd.

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