Legal session finalised

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  • September 2, 2007
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Previous attendees will notice that this year we’ve broadened the focus of Web Directions a little. In addition to the same number of sessions on web design and development we’ve always had, we now also have presentations we’ve put under the banner of "Management and Strategy".

I’ve just slotted in the last of these now: IP lawyers Scott Buchanan and Ben Maguire will be presenting Wig meets Web (2.0): harnessing the law to commercialise and protect your IP.

Looking at the line up in this track my only worry is that as well as the management types we had in mind when we came up with this, we’re going to be tempting all you designers and developers as well. Check it out:

One response to “Legal session finalised”:

  1. Do I have to wear a suit to attend sessions in the “Management and Strategy” stream ;-)

    As usual I will have to make some hard choices about which sessions to attend