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Patrick Hamann

To push, or not to push?!

Patrick Hamann Web Performance Engineer Fastly

HTTP/2 server push gives us the ability to proactively send assets to a browser without waiting for them to be requested. Sounds great, right?!

However, is this new mechanism really the silver bullet we all thought it was? Is it time to abandon our build systems and stop bundling our assets entirely? Or are lack of server support and browser inconsistencies holding us back? Lastly, what are new specifications such as cache digests and the 103 status code doing to improve the situation?

Using new research and real-world examples, this talk will take a deep dive into HTTP/2 server push, exploring the current and future best practices for loading assets in the browser. Giving us the knowledge to make better decisions when loading our web pages and ultimately leading to faster, more resilient user experiences.

Patrick Hamann

Patrick is a Web Performance Engineer at Fastly where - amongst other things - he is helping to build a faster web for all. Prior to Fastly, he helped architect some of the worlds largest media websites including The Guardian and The Financial Times. When not speaking or ranting about performance he enjoys spending his spare time discovering new food and craft beer.

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