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Shane Morris

Story-based design

Shane Morris User Experience Designer and Coach Automatic Studio

After many long hours of analysis you've finally distilled your weeks of customer research findings into a fine and beautifully presented set of personas. Look at them there up there on the wall! Alka, Brianna, Charlie... So succinct! So well photographed! But then they JUST SIT THERE, and don't DO anything!

When we design new products we are designing for new behaviours. So let's get your personas up on their feet and DOING THINGS - by making them the heroes of your design stories.

Design stories, or scenarios, are 'day in the life' descriptions of how your new product will fit into the lives of your users and customers. They help crystallise and communicate your product vision and capture key design constraints in ways that personas can't. Let's talk about how stories can bring your personas to life and kick start your design process.

Shane Morris

Shane Morris is one of Australia’s most respected user experience professionals. Through consulting, mentoring and training he has helped organisations create compelling digital experiences since 1991. In that time he has worked on traditional productivity applications, mobile experiences, physical devices and end-to-end services.

Shane has taught user experience topics around the world and has worked with companies like Microsoft, Lonely Planet, Cochlear, Qantas, Telstra, Australia Post and Tennis Australia - helping creative and technical professionals collaborate to create services that empower, inspire and reward. His passion is transforming the complex and constrained into the simple and powerful. Not just because it's a valuable endeavour, but because it's hard - and therefore immensely rewarding.

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