Video Ristretto: Simon Swain – Rats of the Maze

Simon SwainThis week’s video ristretto come from just a few months ago at our Code conference in Sydney and Melbourne. If you’ve seen any of Simon Swain’s presentations at our events, you’ll know he comes up with some pretty breathtaking … Read more »

One Question, Many Answers: Part II

Time for the second in our series of extracts from the interviews we conducted with Direction 16 speakers for Scroll Magazine. All conference and workshop attendees get a free print edition (88 bound pages of articles and interviews with full colour photos and illustrations) while it will also be … Read more »

Idea of the Week: Web Directions Alumni

Those of you who have seen the Scroll Magazine we produced for our Code 16 conference (and if you haven’t, you should) will have noticed that we published a list of all our speakers and their topics at previous Code conferences.

That resulted in a list of 80+ presentations … Read more »

Video of the Week: John Allsopp – What We Talk About When We Talk About The Web

Since this is in my hands this week while John Allsopp takes a bit of family time, I’m taking the opportunity to “rescreen” a talk of John’s from Web Directions 2012.

Not only is everything he talks about still relevant, it relates directly to what Direction 16 is about. … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Kai Brach – The New Age of Indie

Kai BrachOur short video this week is Kai Brach’s talk from WD15. Kai went from being a web designer to publisher, editor and art director of independent print-only magazine Offscreen. He’s well placed to describe how the internet has enabled a … Read more »

One Question, Many Answers: Part I

As you know, we now publish a print and digital magazine to accompany our conferences, called Scroll. The Direction 16 edition of Scroll features, as did its predecessors, a series of interviews where conference speakers answer an identical set of questions.

To help whet your appetite for the … Read more »

Idea of the Week: Keeping Up

How do you keep up to date in our constantly changing industry? Here’s some of the things I do, often on a daily basis, just to stay on top of what’s happening, as part of the process of developing the program for our conferences like the upcoming Direction (just on a … Read more »

Video of the Week: Pasquale D’Silva – Designing With Animation

Pasquale D’Silva is co-presenting a fascinating talk at Directions 16 with Jacob Bijani on their indie game “OK, Dracula”, but today’s video takes you back to Pasquale’s presentation at Web Directions South 2013 on how animation is changing design for mobile, the web, and beyond.

Nothing dated about this: animation-driven interfaces … Read more »

Approaching Direction 16: The Story of a Presentation

Literally as Web Directions 2015 was taking place, a controversy blew up around the legendary SxSW conference, and two of the selected panels for the 2016 conference focusing on the issue of ‘gamergate’.

It certainly generated a lot of comment on places like Twitter, and so much interest that the venerable Slate … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Nathan McGinness – The perils and pitfalls of A/B testing

Nathan McGinnessOur short video blast from the recent past this week comes again from WD15. Nathan McGinness knows a thing or two or two about metrics, testing and analytics, and in this talk he’s the first to admit that A/B testing … Read more »

We have to talk about JavaScript

It seems that almost weekly concerns about the complexity of the ecosystem around JavaScript, build tools and frameworks bubble over. Certainly, the JavaScript and Front End development world is a lot more complex than even a few years ago.  

The latest round kicked off with Jose Aguinaga musing on “How it feels to … Read more »

Idea of the Week: Teaching Code to Kids

When you’re thinking about the future of the Web, an obvious focus is young people. There’s a generation growing up now that takes the Web for granted as far as being a provider of information, games, education and social interaction. But are we doing enough to teach kids how to … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Alastair Simpson and Nat Jones – Designing spaces for creative professionals

Alastair SimpsonOur 20 minute Video Ristretto this week again comes from WD15 and features Alastair Simpson and Nat Jones from Atlassian talking about the creative spaces they’ve designed that have scaled with the changing needs of their teams and what they’ve … Read more »

Monday Profile: Nook Studios

Right from the start, one of the things we wanted to do with our Scroll Magazine was bring some attention to the great work being done by Australia’s web design and development agencies. Often, these small companies bring together dynamic teams that create great results for their clients and bring … Read more »

Video of the Week: Hannah Donovan – Souls & Machines: Designing the Future of Content

Hannah Donovan’s keynote from Web Directions 2015 focused on a yet another topic that is only getting increasing attention – how humans will balance their roles with machines when it comes to generating, managing and publishing web content.

Hannah crash tackles this topic with her typically colourful, brash and uncompromising approach … Read more »