Video Ristretto: Promises, Ben Teese

Asynchronous programming in JavaScript has until relatively recently been a simple matter, using callback functions that get triggered once a process is completed. But as the things we build with Web technologies have become more and more sophisticated, it’s been obvious for some time this isn’t good enough anymore.

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Idea of the Week: Jessica Edwards

Jessica EdwardsJessica delivered a very well-received presentation at Respond 16 on advanced CSS image techniques, rather precociously titled “Farewell, Photoshop”. A section of this talk focused on using Blend Modes in CSS, and Jess wrote us an article on that for Scroll Magazine.

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Monday Profile: Russ Weakley

russ weakleyThis week’s Monday profile is Russ Weakley: front end developer, web designer and trainer, with particular expertise in CSS, UX and accessibility.

Russ spoke at our Respond Front End Design conference, and this profile first appeared in Scroll magazine.

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Video of the Week: What does HTTP2 mean for Front End Engineers

Last week’s video of the week looked at the implications of HTTP2 for what we might loosely call “Web designers”. This week, we dive even deeper, with a more technical look at the implications for Front End engineers of HTTP2.

And there’s literally no more knowledgeable person to speak … Read more »

Video: In Conversation with Sara Soueidan

As with Karen McGrane, Ethan Marcotte, and a number of other speakers at our recent Respond Conference whom we’ll feature in coming weeks, I had the privilege of sitting down and chatting with Sara Soueidan while she was here. We talked about how she became a speaker (great … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Service Worker, Chris Roberts

At the heart of Progressive Web Apps from the perspective of a developer are two pieces of technology: Web Manifests and Service Workers.

We’ve covered Service Worker more than once at Web Directions, and I suspect we’ll do so again, but this week we bring you the most succinct session we’ve … Read more »

Idea of the Week – Craig Sharkie

Craig SharkieCraig Sharkie’s presentation at our Respond conference was on how viewport units can make web typography responsive. And a great talk it was.

But when we asked him to write an article for our new Scroll magazine, Sharkie went off at a bit … Read more »

Monday Profile: Jen Simmons

jen simmonsThis week’s Monday profile is Jen Simmons: web designer, front-end developer, Designer Advocate at Mozilla and host of The Web Ahead podcast.

Jen spoke at our Respond Front End Design conference, and this profile appeared in our magazine, Scroll, which you … Read more »

Video of the Week: Performance–HTTP2 in a 1.5 world

For some time now at our conferences we’ve been covering HTTP2, the first major update to HTTP since, well, just about the start of the Web.

Its widespread adoption came more quickly than just about anyone might have thought, and now the majority of the world’s browsers, and more recent versions … Read more »

Video: In Conversation with Karen McGrane

While she was out here in Australia to run some workshops and keynote at our Respond conference, Karen McGrane generously gave us some of her time to chat about the past present and future of content, the Web and much more.

About Karen McGrane

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Video Ristretto: Asynch programming in ES6

Managing asynchronous actions in a code base is one of the hard problems in programming. Since the beginning, we’ve done this in JavaScript with callbacks (well for a long time we didn’t much care about asynchronous programming at all!)

But this approach is unwieldy, particularly as our application logic gets more … Read more »

Idea of the Week – Peter Wilson

One of the informal benchmarks for a conference presentation is the number of tweets referencing it – and what they say, of course. The presentation Peter Wilson gave at Respond prompted many tweets, almost all of them expressing some surprise at how little they knew about HTTP2 and how clearly … Read more »

Monday Profile: Sara Soueidan

sara soueidanThis week’s Monday profile is Sara Soueidan, a freelance front-end web developer, writer and speaker from Lebanon – and SVG Guru.

Sara spoke at our Respond Front End Design conference, and this profile appeared in our magazine, Scroll, which you can … Read more »

Video of the Week: Elijah Manor–JavaScript Code Smells

Recently, someone who’ll remain nameless, but who holds something of an engineering leadership role at a high-profile financial institution in Australia, said to me “It’s not like this is rocket science. It’s only JavaScript”.

This is someone who works with JavaScript day to day. But this attitude has somewhat overshadowed the … Read more »

Video: In conversation with Ethan Marcotte

Recently we had the great privilege of having Ethan Marcotte speak at Respond, our Web design focussed conference.

While Ethan (and other speakers) were in town, we tried a bit of an experiment. Why not record conversations with the speakers about their work, their ideas and their interests?

We think it turned … Read more »