Respond 17 Early Bird Discount Ends Friday

Our best Respond 17 Early Bird deals end this Friday. Something that often gets overlooked is how Early Bird prices can add great value to the upper end of ticket prices.

For example, a Classic Pass to Respond at regular prices costs $1,199. A Gold Pass bought before 31 March … Read more »

Transform 16: A Digital Transformation Story – Monica Ritz

Two days of Transform 17 starts in Canberra tomorrow with a sold out day of workshops followed by a full day of talks focused on the ongoing transformation of government services.

As our last warmup, we have one more presentation from Transform 16 to get you in the mood. … Read more »

Transform 16: NT.GOV.AU a case study – Ann Combe

Transform 17 kicks off this week in Canberra (workshop Wednesday 29/3, conference Thursday 30/3) and it looks like it might just as compelling as last year’s event. One of the aspects of Transform 16 that was especially pleasing was the range of perspectives represented by the speakers, including … Read more »

Plan Your Professional Development for 2017

Those of us who work in Web and the digital arena don’t have to be reminded that our fields are constantly updating. Whether it’s underlying technologies, or broad strategic practices, what was cutting edge last year is often common practice this year, and out of date the next.

Both in terms … Read more »

Video of the Week – Rachel Andrew: CSS Grid Layout

Now that it has support in browsers like Chrome and Firefox, CSS Grid is being recognised as the gamechanger it is for front end designers and developers.

That support has only come this month, but those who attended our Code 16 conference in July/August last year have been preparing … Read more »

1 Week Out from Transform 17

Well, we’re just one week away from our first conference of the year, Transform 17 in Canberra on 30 March. It looks like we’ll have pretty close to a full house – at last count, there were just a couple of dozen conference … Read more »

Transform 16: Transforming Accessibility

When we held our inaugural Transform conference in Canberra last year from 18-19 May, we didn’t realise it would coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 19 May. Once we knew, we decided to organise a small event to celebrate.

There is, of course, a great crossover and overlap between the … Read more »

5 Great Reasons You Should Register for Respond 17

Respond is an event you won’t find anywhere else, bringing together as it does the whole front end team to address the challenge of delivering engaging customer experiences.

This year, Respond 17 visits Sydney (4-5 May), Melbourne (8-9 May) and for the first time … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Kevin Yank – CSS Selectors Redux

Kevin YankVideo Ristretto this week brings you Kevin Yank’s timely reminder to check the CSS you already know, including whether and how it works, and what’s coming soon in terms of both the spec and browser implementation.

We asked Kevin, Front … Read more »

Direction 16: Scaling Walls – Aubrey Blanche

Aubrey Blanche is the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Atlassian, the Australian startup that became a global giant. Her talk at our end-of-one-year, start-of-the-next Direction conference in 2016 turned out to be notable for several reasons.

Firstly, the full title of this presentation, Scaling Walls: The Barriers to … Read more »

Three Sessions Added to Transform 17 Conference

The speaker lineup for our Transform 17 Conference in Canberra from 29-30 March is complete.

We’ve added not one, not two but three more sessions – this is going to be a seriously full day, and seriously good value!

Please note our Workshop day with Dan Sheldon and Sarah … Read more »

A very progressive (web app) evening

Web Directions, and the Progessive Web Apps Sydney meetup are really excited to present an evening with Jake Archibald and Alex Russell.

RSVP here, or at the SydPWA meetup site.

Join two of the most influential people shaping the future of Web technologies, for an … Read more »

Video of the Week – Jared Spool at Transform 2016

Less than two weeks to go until Transform 17, which makes it a good time for Video of the Week to revisit the closing keynote address from last year’s Transform.

Jared Spool is pretty much a legend in the world of user experience and usability. Writer, researcher, consultant, speaker and … Read more »

Respond 16: Building Accessible Web Components Without Tears – Russ Weakley

As the excitement builds for our Respond 17 conference (Early Bird closes 24 March), we have another Wrap magazine summary of a presentation from Respond 16.

And not just any presentation. Russ Weakley is one of those Australians who has built an enviable global reputation as someone who not … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Wayne Thompson – Beyond Helvetica

Wayne ThompsonWith the full program for Respond 17 now out, this week’s Video Ristretto reprises the talk given by Wayne Thompson at our Direction conference in November last year, as he is again on the schedule for Respond.

Once … Read more »