Approaching Direction 2016 – Where’s the Design of the Web Headed?

As we head toward Direction, we’ll be focusing on some of the sessions we’re looking forward to and providing some context for why we chose these particular sessions.

First up, one of our core points of focus since the very beginning – where is the design of the Web headed?

At … Read more »

Idea of the Week: Progressive Web Apps

At our Code 2016 conference a couple of months ago, Progressive Web Apps received quite a bit of attention. Marcos Caceres talked about how they are enabled by Service Workers, Elise Chant showed us how to use Manifests to install them, and several presenters referred to PWA in their … Read more »

Video of the Week – Maciej Cegłowski: Barely Succeed! It’s Easier!

Last week’s Video of the Week of Maciej Cegłowski at Web Directions 2015 proved so popular, and we’re so excited that this bloke will be presenting again at Direction this year, we dug back into the archives to turn up another of his landmark talks, this time at Web Directions … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Rose Matthews – Financial Inclusion in the Solomon Islands

The Pacific region has long been considered in need of development. Countless projects from around the world have intervened over the decades and yet there’s been very little real change for the people. Could a human-centred design approach finally create the opportunities remote community dwellers desire? In 2015 Fjord and … Read more »

Wrap #03: Code 16

Wrap Code cover
Most of you will know by now that we have been producing Scroll magazine to accompany our conferences, but not everyone might know we also produce a post-conference magazine called Wrap.

The idea of Wrap is to … Read more »

Monday Profile: Alicia Sedlock

Alicia SedlockAt our Code 16 conference, Alicia Sedlock gave a very popular presentation on testing – not, you might think, the most rivetting subject but one made practical and accessible by Alicia.

It probably didn’t hurt that Alicia featured a … Read more »

Video of the Week – Maciej Cegłowski: the Website Obesity Crisis

Performance was a big theme for our Web Directions conference in 2015, so it was appropriate that the closing keynote to our last conference in that format was delivered by Maciej Cegłowski, addressing the way our websites have grown in size to the point where performance and the user experience … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Katie McLaughlin – The Power ⚡️ and Responsibility 😓 of Unicode Adoption

Communication is difficult. Whether it’s between humans or machines or a combination of the two, trying to translate meaningful information is a lossy process.

Converting programming languages to use the new Unicode standard is hard, but once it’s in place, you get this marvellous feature-add: Emoji compatibility. No longer do we … Read more »

Countdown to Direction 16

10th anniversaryWe’re counting down to Direction, our big end of year conference, the 10th anniversary of our very first event. For this year we’ve made some changes (while keeping to the essence of the event thousands of attendees over the … Read more »

Monday Profile: Greg Rewis

Greg RewisOur series of interviews with conference speakers for Scroll Magazine has proven very popular, both for the insights each has given into that particular speaker but also how they compare to each other. This week, we profile Greg Rewis, speaker … Read more »

Video of the Week: Josh Clark–buttons are a hack

At Direction 16, coming up in he middle of November, we’re really fortunate to have a number of our most popular speakers from the last decade returning to help us set a course for the next.

So in the coming weeks we’ll be reprising some of the most engaging … Read more »

Video: In conversation with Tim Kadlec


It’s great to be back with a new round of “A Dao of the Web” interviews. If you missed some of the earlier ones, I recently chatted with several of the speakers from our Respond conference, including Ethan Marcotte, Karen McGrane, Sara Soueidan, … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Cameron Adams–Onboarding at Canva, from Zero to Four Ten Million

With digital products, the saying “you never get a second chance at a first impression” is a cold hard fact. There are many hurdles that prevent a potential user from becoming a passionate user and the way that you onboard them to your product can make or break it.
Cameron Adams, … Read more »

Monday Profile: Stephanie Rewis

One of the things I’ve appreciated most with Scroll Magazine, has been the opportunity to get to know some of our speakers better, particularly some of the things you might not necessarily know about them.

This week we’re featuring an interview with Stephanie Rewis, a long time contributor through books, … Read more »

Web Directions: The 10th Anniversary edition

Ten years ago, Maxine and I put on our first Web Directions event (having twice helped organise Web Essentials, one of the very earliest conferences of the Web industry anywhere in the world).

Ten years is a long time in a person’s life, let alone in a career, and it’s nearly … Read more »