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Sydney October 30 & 31 2014

Product–Design, Interaction, Experience; Engineering–Web, Performance, Security

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How Desktop Publishing created the Web

Karen Mcgrane’s recent Beyond Tellerand presentation, Content in a Zombie Apocalpypse talks about the impact of laser printing on the rise (and nature) of the Web. She observes

Arguably, the laser printer is the most important component of the entire personal computing revolution. Demand for laser printers, demand … Read more »

Web Directions Sideshows

Next week is the week of the 10th Web Directions (as the more astute may have noticed, we’ve dropped the ‘South’ part of the name, it’s just Web Directions now). Traditionally, lots of events for Web folks happen that week, some organised by us, many by others.

So much so, a … Read more »

Stepping back from Web Directions

Goodbyes are hard. I even need to avert my gaze when I walk through that departure gate at the international airport, where all the sad goodbyes take place, lest my eyes water. But they are also some of the few opportunities we get in life to really acknowledge the things … Read more »

Announcing digi-​​gili

Diversity, and the place and role of under represented people in our industry has, sadly, yet again been front and centre in online conversations recently.

At Web Directions, having completely messed this issue up with our very first conference 10 years ago (yep, no women speakers), we’ve since worked hard to … Read more »

Counting down to Web Directions ’14: Today’s classic video

Web Directions 2014, our 10th anniversary edition, is less than a month away. With the best lineup ever, a brand new venue, along with some amazing partners– bringing you the World’s Best Conference Coffee (courtesy of Sample Coffee Company, our coffee of choice here at Web Directions), a … Read more »

Jonny Mack — Seven Things That Caught My Eye This Week

Some new work music, the trailer for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie, and a treasure trove of animated gifs. Just some of the 7 things that caught the eye of Jonny Mack this week. Jonny is a product designer at Google, who we are very much looking forward to hosting … Read more »

Jonathon Colman — Seven Things That Caught My Eye This Week

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  • August 26, 2014
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No doubt about it, we’ve got an amazing collection of interesting and talented people on the Web Directions 2014 program! I got to thinking how they’d stumble upon some pretty interesting things in their travels around the Web, so I got in touch and asked … Read more »

Web Directions 2014

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  • June 26, 2014
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Late last week we took the wraps off our 10th Anniversary conference, Web Directions South, taking place October 30 and 31, at the brand new location of the Seymour Centre, located in the heart of one of Sydney’s most vibrant, creative, and definitely up and coming areas, Chippendale … Read more »

Code ’14 Wrapup

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  • May 7, 2014
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The Web, and what we can do with it has come a long way since the first conference we were involved with back in 2004. Each event we do represents a sort of milestone, and hopefully reflects the sorts of challenges, opportunities and concerns we face as we design and … Read more »

What Do You Know Sydney — The Season Finale!

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  • April 7, 2014
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Was great to wrap up another What Do You Know roadshow last Thursday night in our home town of Sydney, with what turned out to be an incredibly diverse and entertaining collection of presentations, covering off everything web from knitting to Brunch​.io. Let’s see what it was all about! And … Read more »

What Do You Know Melbourne, April 2014 — Wrap-​​up

There’s something about the Melbourne What Do You Know that “just works”. I think it’s maybe something about the venue, which has a slick AV setup, and is perfect for a reasonable sized crowd to be able to be there and see the presentations, while still feeling like a pub … Read more »

The music of What Do You Know — April 2014

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  • April 4, 2014
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We’ve just wrapped up another series of our What Do You Know nights, this time taking the show to Brisbane, Melbourne and … Read more »

Australia’s Digital Agencies

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  • March 31, 2014
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One real pleasure of doing what we do is to see so much of the excellent work Australia’s Web Industry does. Often ground breaking, entertaining, engaging, beautiful, inspiring. And one of our missions here at Web Directions, is to champion great work being done here in Australia. It’s a big … Read more »

What Do You Know Brisbane — Wrap-​​up

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  • March 31, 2014
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Thanks so much to everyone who braved the elements and came along to the biggest Brisbane What Do You Know so far! Last Thursday was a great night with eleven lightning presentations on anything and everything web, from Sproute to narcissism, and now we are well and truly pumped for … Read more »

Facebook acquires Oculus Rift — The Tweets

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  • March 26, 2014
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If you work in tech the news of the day isn’t the reintroduction of dames and knights here in Australia, though that is certainly good for a quick giggle. No, words on everyone’s lips this morning have been “Oculus Rift” and “Facebook” and “end of the world as we know … Read more »