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Socialising and (not just) alcohol at Web Industry events

Certainly in Australia and in my experience in other English speaking countries, and I’d hazard a guess in many countries of European tradition, we tend to socialise with alcohol. Whether it’s purely social, or a professional event after work hours, alcohol is expected, and of course by most, if consumed, … Read more »

60FPS is the new Image Replacement Technique

I always hated image replacement techniques. Not that I didn’t appreciate the cleverness of FIR, SiFR and the myriad other hacks folks developed to deliver text as images in an accessible way, so that we could use any fonts and typographical effects on our Web pages (at least sparingly).

But it … Read more »

All tomorrow’s Jetpacks

I wrote this back in April 2012, when Google Glass was first announced. I wasn’t convinced at all, and the short film they released at that time to explain the Glass experience was a big part of why. I found this piece again by accident recently, and realised it’s ... Read more »

Weekend Reading–January 31 2015

The links

This week we’ll take a break from our traditional structure of separating out links for designer sand developers, and we’ll focus on a single theme. And there’s a quiz at the end that we’ll have a prize for.

Pattern Matching

In 1977 Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein published … Read more »

Video: Genevieve Bell–Being Human in a Digital World

In the first of what will be a new ongoing feature, we're excited to have Genevieve Bell's Keynote from Web Directions 2014, fully subtitled (with the transcript below as well.)

Each week we plan to feature one or maybe even more past videos, subtitled and with transcripts, from our back … Read more »

Weekend Reading: December 12th, 2014

Something new. We’ll now post our weekend reading newsletters the week after they go out via email as a post. So if you want them fresh, with the chance at giveaways, quizzes and more, why not signup now? It’s just once a week, and very high signal-​​to-​​noise.

Big ideas

Art … Read more »

Reanimating computing’s past, with the Web

Web Directions more or less started as a software company. Well, it was a different company, but the first thing Maxine and I worked on together was software. Some of it (sort of) still works on today’s Mac OS and Windows. But the first software I wrote, … Read more »

Introducing the second Respond conference

Last year, in a whirlwind, we pulled together our first Respond conference, focussing on the broad challenges of contemporary Web design. It brought together one of our most diverse crowds, including many Art and Creative Directors, and many more strategic types than we expected. We designed the day as something … Read more »

How Desktop Publishing created the Web

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  • November 24, 2014
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Karen Mcgrane’s recent Beyond Tellerand presentation, Content in a Zombie Apocalpypse talks about the impact of laser printing on the rise (and nature) of the Web. She observes

Arguably, the laser printer is the most important component of the entire personal computing revolution. Demand for laser printers, demand … Read more »

Web Directions Sideshows

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  • October 21, 2014
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Next week is the week of the 10th Web Directions (as the more astute may have noticed, we’ve dropped the ‘South’ part of the name, it’s just Web Directions now). Traditionally, lots of events for Web folks happen that week, some organised by us, many by others.

So much so, a … Read more »

Stepping back from Web Directions

Goodbyes are hard. I even need to avert my gaze when I walk through that departure gate at the international airport, where all the sad goodbyes take place, lest my eyes water. But they are also some of the few opportunities we get in life to really acknowledge the things … Read more »

Announcing digi-​​gili

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  • October 13, 2014
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Diversity, and the place and role of under represented people in our industry has, sadly, yet again been front and centre in online conversations recently.

At Web Directions, having completely messed this issue up with our very first conference 10 years ago (yep, no women speakers), we’ve since worked hard to … Read more »

Counting down to Web Directions ’14: Today’s classic video

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  • October 7, 2014
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Web Directions 2014, our 10th anniversary edition, is less than a month away. With the best lineup ever, a brand new venue, along with some amazing partners– bringing you the World’s Best Conference Coffee (courtesy of Sample Coffee Company, our coffee of choice here at Web Directions), a … Read more »

Jonny Mack — Seven Things That Caught My Eye This Week

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  • August 28, 2014
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Some new work music, the trailer for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie, and a treasure trove of animated gifs. Just some of the 7 things that caught the eye of Jonny Mack this week. Jonny is a product designer at Google, who we are very much looking forward to hosting … Read more »

Jonathon Colman — Seven Things That Caught My Eye This Week

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  • August 26, 2014
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No doubt about it, we’ve got an amazing collection of interesting and talented people on the Web Directions 2014 program! I got to thinking how they’d stumble upon some pretty interesting things in their travels around the Web, so I got in touch and asked … Read more »