Announcing Code 2016, now in Sydney and Melbourne

In 2012, after many years of an annual single conference in Australia, Web Directions, we launched Code, a specifically developer focused, single track conference, in Melbourne, one of our very favourite cities anywhere.

Right from the beginning it was a success, and over the years we’ve had some incredible speakers, focussing … Read more »

Video of the Week: ES6 Symbols, Clark Pan

Symbols are a new primitive type in ES6.

What use are they? Well, that’s exactly what Clark Pan set out to explain in this week’s video of the Week, presenting at Code 2015.

Like to watch and read more like this? Be the first … Read more »

Video of the Week: Ryan Seddon–Houdini

Don’t you sometimes wish you could create your own CSS properties? Not just some syntactic sugar to make life easier like Sass and other pre-processors, but honest-to-goodness properties, like new display options, painting your own images from JavaScript as backgrounds, borders and elsewhere images can be used, and so on. … Read more »

Video of the Week: Dan Hon–An Internet for Humans Too

One of our most popular presentations at any event ever was Dan Hon’s “An Internet for Humans Too” at Web Directions 2014. A deep and rich meditation on many things, Dan argues that designing an internet of things that’s for humans means understanding what the empathy gap is. It’s the … Read more »

(Re)introducing Scroll Magazine

tldr; we’ve relaunched Scroll Magazine, featuring profiles and interviews, indepth articles, and more. Read on for more details, or get yourself a digital copy of our first edition now.

I came to the Web in its early days somewhat by accident.

I was developing a hypertext system, Palimpsest (yes, … Read more »

Video of the Week: Simon Elvery–Navigating the new map of responsive imagery

At Respond (next week in Sydney, and the following week in Melbourne), we’ve got a great in-depth session on the element, and the current state of play with responsive images. But to set the scene, here’s where we stood a year ago, when Simon Elvery navigated the map … Read more »

Respond Speaker Insight: The inimitable Ethan Marcotte

In the leadup to our Responsive Web Design focussed event, Respond, in Sydney and Melbourne in April 2016, and as part of a special new project we’ll be announcing at the conference, we’ve been speaking with some of our speakers, and getting to know them a little better.

This week, … Read more »

Video of the Week: Patrick Hamann, Embracing the Network

I first met Patrick Hamann when we both spoke at Smashing Conference Whistler. I discovered two things about him that sort of made me want to hate him (in the nicest possible way)

  • he knows more about front end performance than you might imagine anyone can
  • he lived a year in … Read more »
  • An extraordinary chance to work with Government

    Regular readers will know that here in Australia, and around the World, the way in which Government services are delivered is undergoing a revolutionary change. “Digital by default”, user-centred not technology-driven (in the words of Leisa Reichelt, Head of Service Design at the Digital Transformation Office (DTO), “GOV.AU … Read more »

    Respond Speaker insight: Sara Soueidan

    As we ramp up for Respond, our Web Design focussed conference, taking place in Sydney and Melbourne next month (we’ve still got some tickets, and really significant savings for freelancers and those who work at Not for Profit organisations) we’ll be giving you a little insight into some of … Read more »

    A tale of Two Redesigns: Respond 16 session focus

    As we lead into our Web design focussed event, Respond 16 (still time to grab a ticket at a great price, now coming to both Sydney and Melbourne), let’s take a look at some of the sessions attendees can look forward to…. Read more »

    Respond ’16, the full, amazing lineup

    Earlier this week we announced the complete lineup for our Web design focussed conference Respond, featuring a truly stellar lineup you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere in the World, fresh from such events as An Event Apart, and Smashing Conference, as well as wonderful locals, some who’ve spoken all over the … Read more »

    Rachel Nabors–The State of the Animation

    At Web Directions, we’ve long been excited about animation on the Web, particularly animated user interfaces and experiences. We’ve featured a significant number of presentations on the topic, including two stellar ones in 2015, at Web Directions Code and at Web Directions itself.

    Today we feature one of those, by the … Read more »

    Introducing our newest conference, Transform


    If you work in or with Governments of all levels on service delivery, our new conference, Transform, in Canberra on May 19th, is designed to help you more deeply understand delivering user centred Government digital services.

    Why Transform?

    When we started what became Web Directions back in 2004, many of … Read more »

    Tom Loosemore–Enough lipstick on pigs: Building new foundations for a 21st century state

    Tom Loosemore, the closing Keynote speaker at Web Directions 2015 (so officially the last ever speaker at an event called Web Directions–no, we’re not going away, we’ve just refreshed and rebooted things),  thoroughly engaged and inspired our audience, with his presentation on how a nation bold enough to … Read more »