Summit 17 – the Final Speaker and the Full Schedule

It’s all happening at Summit 17 – we have our final speaker (the inimitable Jina Anne), we’ve locked in the conference schedule, and we’re zeroing in on the close of our Super Early Bird (seriously good deals with hundreds of dollars off). Don’t miss this.

Summit 17 – Lo, the Product & Design Track

To complement the already announced Engineering Track of our Summit 17 conference, here are the details of the Product & Design Track – a pretty stunning program, you will agree.

(NB We do still have one more speaker to announce on Monday).

Summit 17 – Behold, the Engineering Track

We’ve so far announced eight Summit speakers, all important figures of international stature. We still have a detail or two to finalise in the Product / Design Track, but we can’t stand to wait any longer, so today we’re going to share with you the full program for the Engineering Track … Read more »

A Progressive Web Approach to a Networked Economy

Pre-industrial economies did not favour large scale, oligopolistic or monopolistic economic structures (power structures are an entirely different matter).

The rise of industrial, hand in hand with what we now call “Capitalist” economies (the word is an invention of the 19th Century) economies saw the rise of oligopolies – think of … Read more »

Video of the Week: WebVR – Building and Browsing Cyberspace – Mark Pesce

What better way to warm up for our new VR / AR conference in November than 50 minutes with Mark Pesce describing the evolution and implications of WebVR technology? Our Video of the Week comes from Direction 16 and points to Reality 17.

Say Hello to Culture 17 and Reality 17

Summit 17 just got bigger.

Web Directions Summit 2017 is already a two-day, two-track, multiple international keynote, cream of the local crop, can’t miss conference extravaganza for Australian devs, designers and anyone working in web or digital.

We made it bigger.

The Law of Least Power and Defunct StackOverflow Answers

Answer after answer on StackOverflow to questions about basic DOM APIs and common patterns would lead to the response “Well, in jQuery, you …”. And, of course, the questions end up being closed off at some point by moderators.

The thing is, a few years ago, jQuery was such a ubiquitous … Read more »

Video of the Week: Tragic Design – Jonathan Shariat

Jonathan ShariatOur Video of the Week this week goes back to Direction last year in Sydney, when US designer Jonathan Shariat gave a very thought-provoking talk on “The real cost of bad design & how to fix it”.

This … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Change Your Game – Jennifer Wilson

Today being just two days until the close of the Early Bird discount for our new AI Conference, it seems appropriate to make a previous talk by one of the AI speakers our Video Ristretto this week. Jennifer Wilson will talk about voice driven chat interfaces – chatbots – at … Read more »

New AI Conference Early Bird Closes Friday

We’re very grateful for the positive reaction so far to our new Web Directions AI conference in Sydney on 28 September, both in registrations (almost 50% sold out) and direct feedback. 

Clearly, many of you agree it’s the right time to be looking at artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing and related areas from a … Read more »

Chris Messina and 10 Years of the #hashtag

Chris Messina is coming to Sydney as keynote speaker for Web Directions Summit 17 on 9-10 November. One of his claims to fame, the hashtag, just turned 10.

Two More Summit 17 Speakers Announced

With just four weeks remaining of the best ticket prices anyone will get, now is the time to lock in your place at Web Directions Summit 17.

We’ve already told you about six of our keynote speakers for our major end of year event in Sydney on 9-10 November – we’ll … Read more »

Code 17 in 100 Tweets

Code 17 in 100 Tweets
Code 17 in 100 Tweets
Code 17 in 100 TweetsRead more »

Code Leaders, Melbourne, 2 August 2017

That was quite a day!

I reckon very few of the 140 or so of us at this first Code Leaders conference in Melbourne had a clear idea of how the day would pan out.

It’s probably fair to say that no-one except John Allsopp, the event’s creator and the … Read more »

Four More Speakers Announced for Summit 17

A few weeks ago, we announced the first two of what will be 28 speakers in total for Summit 17, our end of year design and development conference in Sydney on 9-10 November.

The response to the announcement of Chris (Mr Hashtag) Messina and returned Australian technologist Genevieve Bell has … Read more »