Web Directions Conferences for web and digital professionals

Terms and Conditions

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, Web Directions Conference will allow you to attend the conference (“the conference”) and/or associated workshops (“the workshops”).


All fees become payable at the time the booking for the conference or workshops is made. If this fee remains unpaid at the time of the conference or workshop, you may be denied entry to the conference or workshop, with no reduction in your liability to pay the fee.


Regardless of payment method, all ticketing is handled electronically. Once a booking is made an email containing ticket details will be sent to all participants. At the same time, a tax invoice will be sent to the billing contact via email. In the event of lost tickets or tax invoices, a permanent record of these is maintained within the Web Directions Conference ticketing system and they can be re-issued. No paper tickets or tax invoices will be issued.

Transfers, cancellations and refunds

In the event that you have booked for the conference or workshops and are then unable to attend it is acceptable for you to nominate another person to attend in your place, provided you inform Web Directions Conference of this change not less than 72 hours prior to the conference or workshops.

Bookings can be cancelled no less than one week prior to the conference or workshops. In this instance Web Directions Conference will refund 90% of the original purchase price, via the same payment method with which the original purchase was made.

If at your first Web Directions event, you decide by lunchtime the event is not delivering the experience we have promised, we’ll refund your payment for the event.

Changes to content, postponement

Web Directions Conference is entitled to alter the times, dates, itineraries or speakers of the conference or workshops by notice to you at any time. Web Directions Conference will not be liable for any loss or damages arising from such changes.


Web Directions Conference is entitled to cancel the conference or workshops, or terminate this agreement, by notice to you at any time. Web Directions Conference will not be liable for any loss or damages arising from this cancellation or termination.

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Out of any conference, Web Directions is far and away our favourite

Dave Greiner Founder, Campaign Monitor

Join us in 2019:

  • Web Directions Design 2019

    Australia's product design conference with the world's leading expert

    Melbourne April 11 & 12 2019

  • Web Directions Code 2019

    Australia's conference for JavaScript and Front End Engineers

    Melbourne June 20 & 21 2019

  • Web Directions Product 2019

    Australia's conference for Product professionals

    Melbourne August 1 & 2 2019

  • Web Directions Summit 2019

    Our legendary event. Three big tracks,–Product, Design and Developer focused.

    Sydney November 2019