Code 17 in 100 Tweets

Code 17 in 100 Tweets
Code 17 in 100 Tweets
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Code Leaders, Melbourne, 2 August 2017

That was quite a day!

I reckon very few of the 140 or so of us at this first Code Leaders conference in Melbourne had a clear idea of how the day would pan out.

It’s probably fair to say that no-one except John Allsopp, the event’s creator and the … Read more »

Four More Speakers Announced for Summit 17

A few weeks ago, we announced the first two of what will be 28 speakers in total for Summit 17, our end of year design and development conference in Sydney on 9-10 November.

The response to the announcement of Chris (Mr Hashtag) Messina and returned Australian technologist Genevieve Bell has … Read more »

Why is Web Directions Holding an Artificial Intelligence Conference?

Well, that’s a fair question.

Why are we even hosting this Web Directions AI event in Sydney on 28 September, given that our conferences typically focus on digital design and development, predominantly in a web-based context?

Over the last 12 to 18 months, I’ve been become increasingly aware that adding even a little intelligence to … Read more »

John’s AI Reading Links

As we get ready to fully launch our newest conference, Web Directions AI, I’ve pulled together some particularly interesting perspectives on AI for your reading pleasure.

Watch out for an email today with all the details of the one-day conference in Sydney on 28 September.

Cheating at AI

Hopefully, it’s clear by … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Virtual Reality as Used in Our Reality – Aaron Spence

Delivering a conference presentation about the commercial use of virtual reality technology is a pretty thankless task, a bit like trying to demonstrate colour on a black & white television set.

Back at our end of the end of year Direction conference in 2016, Aaron Spence took this on by … Read more »

Direction 16 Wrap: Giving Up By Design – Jennifer Wilson

Back at Direction last year (that’s the one that’s evolving into Summit this year), Jennifer Wilson gave a compelling talk on using gamification to achieve behavioural change in health practices.

One of the examples she used in her presentation was an app developed by her company The Project Factory … Read more »

Web Directions Summit 17 Call For Presentations: Be a Speaker

Our Call For Proposals to present at Summit is now open.

Yes, we curate the conference, but we like to leave room for outstanding, relevant talks from local speakers, experienced or not.

Sessions are 20 minutes long, and open to Australian residents. If you’re successful, we’ll fly you to Sydney, put you … Read more »

First Summit 17 Speakers Announced

With meanings including the highest point of a mountain, a peak of achievement, and a meeting between people on a particular topic, Summit seems a particularly apt new name for our annual Sydney-based summer conference.

Web Directions Summit 17 is where we bring together some of the most renowned and advanced thinkers and practitioners … Read more »

Video of the Week: CSS + SVG: A Designer’s Delight – Sara Soueidan

Sara SoueidanWe’re going back to Respond 16 for our Video of the Week this week, when Sara Soueidan came to visit and delivered an inspiring, eye-opening keynote presentation on what can be done with CSS and SVG working together.

It’s an excellent … Read more »

Video Ristretto: The Things You Can’t Do – Rob Howard

Rob HowardOur short video today is a fascinating one from Code 16, where Rob Howard explored the notion that not all tools, methods, functions or operators are necessarily the best for what you have in mind.

It sounds obvious but … Read more »

Registrations Now Open for Summit Conference in Sydney, November

We’re opening registrations for Web Directions Summit today.

Summit is our new peak annual flagship event at Australian Technology Park in Sydney on 9-10  November, which brings together all the tribes that make up our industry.

Based on the format of the original Web Directions conferences, Summit is two daysRead more »

Code 16: Does Your Web App Speak Schadenfreude? Greg Rewis

Localisation (or localization) is one of those things that seem simple at first glance, but the further you go into it, the more of a rabbit warren you realise it is.

Fortunately, once you’ve worked out what’s needed, it can become a largely automated or at least controlled process and, as … Read more »

Code Leaders 17 Launch

We can see that more and more engineers and developers are moving into positions where they are expected to have and develop managerial skills.

But managing teams of devs can involve unique circumstances and require specialised skills.

That’s why we invented Code Leaders.

Running in conjunction with our long standing, highly regarded Code … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Progressing your Web Apps with Service Worker – Marcos Caceres

Marcos CaceresNow that the full schedule for Code 17 is available, it seems appropriate to acknowledge that there is just one speaker from Code 16 who is back this year: Marcos Caceres.

While this year, Marcos is talking about … Read more »