Great moments in Hypocrisy (mine)

So, some while back I wrote quite scathingly about native iPhone apps. I still stand by what I wrote there – but that hasn’t stopped me downloading some apps, and even paying for a couple.

But one really stands out, and I bought it this morning, sight unseen, less than a minute after learning about it.

It’s called Bloom, and it’s by the extraordinary Brian Eno – legendary music producer, and much more, along with Peter Chilvers.

I recommend it whole heartedly – like so much that Eno is involved in (with the possible exception of the tiresome Coldplay), it’s brilliant on many levels. Musically beautiful, but also a wonderful use of the potential of the iPhone as a tactile device. Yet it seems so simple.

Do take a look.

For $5 is a fantastic bargain, it’s just a shame you can’t demo it :-(

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  1. It’s marvellous, isn’t it? I downloaded it a few days ago and have spent quite a bit of time playing with it. It’s quite absorbing. It’s surprising how fantastic an interface the iPhone turns out to be for making music.

  2. John – I completely agree with you about Bloom. It’s like carrying around a portable Music for Airports. Such a delight.

    Now, if we only had Flash on iPhone OS, we’d be able to create it ourselves!

    • By: john
    • October 17th, 2008

    Agreed Mark – and not only a portable one, but an interactive one as well.

    For those born after 1974, Music for Airports by Brian Eno pretty much invented a category of music, now termed “ambient” (sadly the term applies to an awful lot of dreck, but don’t be put off).

    • By: oliverw
    • October 17th, 2008

    Yes, it’s a pity you can’t demo iPhone Apps, or return then after 24 hours (like you can on the Google App Store), but if people want to look at what Bloom is like, there’s a YouTube video here:

  3. OMG that’s so awesome!!!