Jack Draws anything at @media

I’d not heard of Jack Draws anything, a wonderful initiative by the 6 year old Jack Henderson who will draw whatever you want, for a donation that goes to the Sick Kids Foundation. So far he’s raised £20,000!

Bruce Lawson, one of the great presenters at @media asked Jack to draw a picture of big bad DRM, to be used as part of his presentation on HTML video and audio.

Jack was thrilled to see the picture on the big screen.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so here.

One response to “Jack Draws anything at @media”:

  1. Hey guys, thank you so much for the mention, we really appreciate it. Just to give you an update on the total, £22,300 now (and with £4,000 in Gift Aid) we are now pushing £26,500. Jack says “thank you so much – finished” (Jack’s Dad & Jack)