Lessons learned while developing an iPhone site

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  • November 4, 2008
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Got a client who wants you to build an iPhone site? There’s a growing body of resources out there that will help you learn from the hard won experience of those who have gone before you. Check out this one from the Flickr team. And closer to home, here’s the podcast and slides from Tim Lucas and Pete Ottery’s presentation from WDS08 where they talked about their experiences with developing the iPhone version of a major Australian news site, iphone.news.com.au.

One response to “Lessons learned while developing an iPhone site”:

  1. Interesting Ross echoed my sentiments on using the libraries, though still not convinced that the benefit/cost of loading page fragments weighs up. I’ve found most of the delay in reality is in initiating the connection, page fragment or full-page requests (and other assets are fetched via keepalive).