The Myths of Innovation – Remixed and Remastered

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  • March 11, 2010
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A few years back, Scott Berkun gave one of the most highly regarded presentations we have ever had at a Web Directions event. It was called the Myths of Innovation, and people still buttonhole me to say how great it was, or to bemoan the fact that their lifetime regret will be that they slept in, hungover from the rockin’ party the night before, and missed the Friday morning keynote at Web Directions South 2007.

Check it out for yourself – after the conference we published the slides, podcast, and even a transcript at our resources site. It really is a great read or listen.

The really great news is that three years on, Scott is going to remix and remaster The Myths of Innovation for our opening keynote at Web Directions @media.

Hype and tall tales dominate our knowledge of innovation history, and without awareness of the truth, we are set up to fail as creators, progressives, engineers and designers in our own time. This fun, fast paced, provocative keynote, based on a fresh take from the bestselling book The Myths of Innovation, will dissect the deepest mythologies and the latest misguided hype laden marketing propaganda, revealing the truths about good ideas and progress that anyone can use in their own work.

So, check out The Myths of Innovation (part 1), and get excited about seeing Part 2 in London in June: it’s going to be an incredibly good start to a fantastic couple days, I just know it!

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