Hannah Donovan – Telling stories through design

Web Directions @media 2010, Southbank Centre London, June 11 11.45m.

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Hannah Donovan will talk about the designer as a storyteller—especially in terms of the importance of this role within a team. Improve your output as a designer by taking a closer look at influencing the input. As a visual narrator we help to visualise, inspire and curate for the people we work with as well as connecting scenarios around the larger product saga that supports the interfaces we design. By examining your input, make your output more effective with your team and users alike, paving paths for people to tell their own stories as your product evolves over time.

About Hannah Donovan

Hannah Donovan PortraitOriginally from the icy north, Hannah Donovan is creative director at Last.fm, where she’s worked for the last four years. Before moving to London to work at Last.HQ, she designed websites with Canada’s largest youth-focused agency working on brands such as Hershey, Heineken and Bic. Previous to that, Hannah designed for Street Print, a Canada Research Council funded, open source web app for sharing and archiving printed ephemera. Hannah also plays the cello with an orchestra and draws monsters.

Follow Hannah on Twitter: @Han

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