Mark Mansour – RedBubble: Building a site for people with big imaginations

A presentation given at Web Directions South, Sydney Australia, September 28 2007.

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Session description

RedBubble is a social networking platform and marketplace, not to mention a successful homegrown web app. In this session RedBubble’s software architect Mark Mansour will present the challenges the team has faced, and talk through some of the solutions they’ve discovered, during the building and scaling one of Australia’s largest Rails applications.

Along the way you’ll learn RedBubble’s tenets for software design, the what’s and how’s of their database and web servers, plus processes that made their team more effective. If you’re a developer dreaming of going out on your own and building a successful online business around a web app, don’t miss this session.

About Mark Mansour

Red Bubble

Mark Mansour PortraitMark Mansour has been hacking software since computers had 64k of memory. During his professional career Mark has worked for startups in Silicon Valley and Melbourne building artificial intelligence applications and social networking platforms. Mark has also spent more than a few dark years in the brokerage and banking world both here and in New York. Currently, Mark heads up the software development group at RedBubble but for fun photographs street art, tinkers with microformats and builds geospatial applications.

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