Nicholas Zakas – Mobile Web Speed Bumps

Web Directions Unplugged 2011, Seattle, May 12th 11:45am.

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As browsers explode with new capabilities and migrate onto devices users can be left wondering, “what’s taking so long?” Learn how HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the web itself conspire against a fast-running application and simple tips to create a snappy interface that delight users instead of frustrating them.

About Nicholas Zakas

Photo of Nicholas ZakasNicholas C. Zakas is principal front-end engineer for the Yahoo! homepage, a contributor to YUI, and an author. Nicholas has written Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, Professional Ajax, and High Performance JavaScript. He has also contributed a chapter to Steve Souders’ Even Faster Web Sites. Nicholas posts regularly at his blog as well as on YUI Blog.

Follow Nicholas on Twitter: @slicknet

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